Electronic Parking Counters have been installed in Brea Downtown to help customers find easy parking in the two downtown parking structures. See map for locations. Self parking is free.

Electronic boards displaying the number of available parking spaces in both structures are on the corner of Ash St. and Brea Boulevard and at the west end of W. Birch St. Electronic boards are on W. Birch St. to indicate if structures are open or full.

Valet Parking

There are two valet spots on Brea Blvd – Taps and Yard House entrance is De Anda Tacos. Third valet is off of Birch Street and Walnut Avenue.

FREE Timed Parking

Twenty-minute street parking is available along W. Birch St. One-hour street parking is available along Walnut St. and Madrona St.

Free Parking App

Download the Brea Downtown Parking App to get up-to-the-minute parking availability in each of the two Brea Downtown parking structures. It includes a quick access screen as well as maps to get to the structures. iPhone and Android users, just search “Brea Downtown” on your apps search.